Logo Design  and development

A great logo design is a vital investment for businesses. It serves as a visual representation of the brand, contributing to brand recognition, professionalism, differentiation, and overall success in the marketplace.

A logo is designed to last

A well designed logo is the most important functional graphic device to help people identify your business and is also the main visual component of an overall brand identity. Logos appear on stationery, websites and advertising, therefore a well-designed logo can contribute to business success, while a badly designed logo can suggest poor service and turn away potential customers.

I’m fascinated by logos and branding, which is why I chose to study Graphic Design for five years and make this my career. I’m really passionate about logo design, but my heart sinks when I see so many businesses have poorly designed logos and no brand strategy in place – but I want to help!

Getting started

A logo design is one of the most significant investments a business will make, therefore a realistic budget is key for your logo being successful. Every business should look professional, however, many businesses often invest a lot of time and money in property and equipment, but don’t match it by investing in their logo or branding.

Seriously – think about your budget… If you value your business and want to make it successful then your logo and branding is a high priority.

Once you have decided on your budget you will need to speak to a designer about your ideas and aspirations. This is a good opportunity for you to write a client logo brief because this will form the foundation of the project and will guide the design process.

It’s about time

Designing an amazing logo is a creative process which cannot be rushed, therefore it’s important to understand the best ideas usually need to be nurtured. A logo design can be an infinite process depending on the complexity of the brief, however, a design can sometimes be completed sooner when the client has a very clear idea of what they want.

Cheap logos are a waste of your money

Logo websites use generic shapes and stock images to churn out as many logos as possible in a short period of time. These websites could leave you with a logo that fails to distinguish yourself from your competition – or worse, you could find yourself involved in legal action or copyright infringement of another logo design. When you work with a professional logo designer, you’ll get a unique design that represents your brand in a way that customers will recognise and remember.

A great logo design is a critical element of a business’s visual identity and plays a significant role in shaping how a brand is perceived. I have over 30 years experience creating amazing logo designs for my clients.

Logo Design Services

  • Bespoke unique logo design
  • High-quality digital artwork
  • Logo copyright owned by you
  • Logo research and development
  • Copyright and trademark searches

Website Design

I create bespoke Wordpress websites, as well as install and set-up Wordpress themes which integrate with online shops and hotel booking systems.

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Graphic Design

High quality graphic design will give your business credibility. You only get a few seconds to make an impression and stand out among competitors.

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Logo Design

First impressions count and I know any business large or small needs a logo which allows them to stand out in an over-crowded marketplace

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